Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Charmsori Gramophone and Edison Science Museum

gramophones in Edison Museum

Inhale..exhale, I have finished an internship in one of the place where many people want to work at. It was a great experience, glad to know many cool people there and the most important thing is now I know how working in high level office feels like. After I graduate from university, that cubicle where I used to stay during internship should be mine, HUAHAHAHA *amen!!!*

Btw, as I mentioned here that I changed my playlist annually, I’ve just changed all kpop songs in my iPod with EDM songs. I like listening to EDM songs nowadays because these new DJs bring a fresh air of EDM, especially ZEDD with his achievement in Grammy Award with Clarity. And I’ve just found out that last year Indonesia had a big show called Djakarta Warehouse Project where all the cool DJs were gathering and play their music along with a great LED effect in front of thousands audience, there were striptease dancers on the stage as well wtf. But I personally don’t like being in the middle of such crowd. Girls with their inner sneaking from their see-through outfit, mini pants, smoke, alcohol, all those crowd is just not so me. I like the music, I like dancing, but I don’t like being in the crowd.

Talking about the revolution of music, I am so amazed that artist are so creative when it comes to music making. From traditional instrumental to electronic devices that now people are being able to create music just from in front of their computer screen, it brings my memory back when I had a trip in Chamsori Gramphone and Edison Museum in Korea...