Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cat Theraphy at The Cat Cabin

I really really love cat, my cat addiction to the extend that every morning when I just open my eyes from my sleep I always open Instagram and immediately go to cat accounts. However, my cat addiction is in contrast with my obsession towards hygiene, hence I barely touch any stray cat.

I’ve been longing to play with some cats, so when I had free time during weekend I went to cat cafe.

There are two cat café here in Jakarta, I decided to visit The Cat Cabin. It’s located in Kemang area and not difficult to find the place (when you go with me you’ll never lost :p )

Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Kicks, New Balance

I don't think I have define what my colour is.
Sometimes I love monochrome, sometimes I love to add some colours.
Anyway, when it comes to shoes, New Balance is definitely mes chaussures préférées for their super comfy.
I've been satisfied with my NB running shoes, hence the second purchase done.
It took me days to decide which colour to buy, first world problem yeah.
I want it to be colorful yet not so vibrant.
And the chosen one goes to.....

it has the baby blue shade, with peach orange and a little touch of purple.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Unicorn iPhone case

I used to splurge about million for phone case.
Every year I keep saying to myself that I need to shop less.
But...within 2 months I already bought 3 cases.
I have reason(s) for this, I swear!!!
I bought the first case after when I bought the phone, you don't want any scratch on your new phone, right?
But the case is a bit too thick for me, and it's a solid silicone case while I prefer the transparent one.
So..few weeks later I bought the second case, it's transparent and thin. Perfect.
The story should have ended here, but then I found an exteremely cute case. I can't resist cute stuff, this is my weakness.
But I promise, this should be the last case I bought (until my transparent case turns yellow in the future  )

it's cute, glittery, and unicorn. how can I resist?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Random Black Exhibition

Time flies, I just realize that the last time I visit art exhibition was back in October last year.
Last week I managed to visit an exhibition which just 15 minutes away from my office. Endiska, my friend, had recommend me this beautiful art space.