Thursday, November 21, 2013

Michael Jackson has Neverland, Korea has Everland, and I have a Homeland

tiket masuk Everland seharga 35.000 won

Acara jalan-jalan berikutnya adalah ke Everland. Everland Resort sendiri adalah sebuah South Korea’s first theme park yang berlokasi di Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Everland juga merupakan theme park terbesar di Korea Selatan.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What’s On Trend In Korea?

What’s on trend in Korea??
it’s card holder!!!
yup, tempat kartu ini lagi nge-hits banget di korea dan bisa ditemuin dimana aja apalagi di toko aksesoris. anak muda korea lagi pada suka pake ini kemana-mana..
gunanya apa sih?
tentu saja buat tempat kartu kita, bisa buat kartu atm, kartu credit (kalo punya), T-Money alias kartu buat naik bus di korea selatan that u don’t need to pay cash, kartu remi, kartu apa ajalah yang penting gaya. hehehe
sebenernya cukup praktis sih, apalagi buat mereka yang emang suka bayar apa-apa pake kartu atau bepergian naik transportasi umum jadi ga perlu repot-repot buka dompet. Card holder ini tinggal dikalungin aja di leher kamu.
harganya berkisar antara 5.000 won ~ 10.000 won, tergantung modelnya gimana dan beli dimana, hehe…
saya pun ga ketinggalan ikut-ikutan beli ini, cuma masalahnya…kalo pulang ke Indonesia, bakal kepake nggak? 
gak mungkin kan bawa-bawa kartu atm atau kartu penting terus jalan-jalan di tempat keramaian umum atau naik bus kota, bisa-bisa langsung dijambret  :)))

dibeli~~ dibeli~~

my card holder tampak depan

tampak belakang

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pepero Day

Jadi hari ini  bukanlah hari Senin yang seperti biasanya bagi kebanyakan orang Korea.
Hari ini adalah hari “Pepero Day”
apa sih Pepero Day itu?
saya juga baru tau setelah dapat pepero itu sendiri. ha ha ha #cupu
jadi ternyata Pepero Day itu semacam perayaan di Korea Selatan seperti valentine, biasanya yang tuker-tukeran Pepero itu couple… (cerita lengkapnya baca di WIKI aja kali ya) Pepero sendiri adalah nama snack stick coklat yang diproduksi oleh Lotte, mirip Pocky gitu deh…kalo di Indonesia lebih terkenal Pocky ya..btw disini Pocky harganya hampir 2 kali lipat dari harga rupiah, kalo Minute Maid Pulpy Orange harganya 3x lipat, huhuhu…
Rasanya Pepero kaya gimana? 
enak sih…yang paling populer itu bukan yang plain coklat, tapi biasanya ada taburan almond atau cookies gitu.
dan hari ini saya juga kebagian Pepero hehehe…dari guru-guru dan temen korea.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ulsan & Busan trip (Day 3-end)

On the third day we headed to Busan Taejongdae. We visited the lighthouse by the shuttle bus. The cliff overthere is terrific as well! There were many ahjumma and ahjussi went there by walking, unbelievable! Taejongdae is kind of hills so it’s really tiring to go up overthere, but old korean people managed to go there by just walking.

After that, we went to Nampo-dong and Jagalchi Market. Sooo many fishes and octopus, and they are alive!

it's delicious, only after being cooked :p

bibimbap as my lunch

I and friends from Indonesia, India, and Vietnam went to have a stroll in Nampo-dong Market. We even visited the Busan International Film Festival where there many hand sign by Korean and international actors on the floor, similiar to Hall of Fame.

We went to Nampo Underground shopping center, so many cute was really tempting T_T

At 3 pm, I went to the subway station, and ta-da! the Nampo Underground shopping center is also like the shortcut way to subway station ^_^

Because I didn’t have a subway  electric card, so I need to buy the ticket manually in the ticket vending.

It took around one hour to arrive at Bus Station, and then I bought the ticket to go back to my second home, lol

get ready to go back home

I'm so glad for having 3 days full of fun trip, it makes me fall in love more and more with South Korea 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ulsan & Busan trip (Day 2)

On the second day of our Busan trip, firstly we arrived at Heodong Yonggung Temple at 09.00 . Heodong Yonggung Temple located on the seafront, so once again I was spoiled by the beautiful view of South Korea’s sea. Built in 1376, the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is one of the major Buddhist temples in Busan. In this area there are many statues of Earthly Branch, do you know what is your Earthly branch ? ^ _ ^
In addition, there is also a statue of golden pigs and several other Buddhist statues.

the front gate of Haedong Yonggung Temple, we need to go down the stairs

small cute buddhist statue >.< can I take one? ㅋㅋㅋ

in front of golden pig with friends from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Phillipine ^_^

My Malaysian friend and I have the same earth branch, it’s lamb ^_^

you can go down inside and drink holy water or something like that

people from Japan were praying

Finished enjoying the beauty of Heodong Yonggung Temple, the next destination is Dalmaji Road in Haeundae, Haeundae is one of the elite area in Busan. If there’s Gangnam in Seoul, then Busan has Haeundae. Dalmaji Road is located in hills, on one side we are able to see the sea, and on the other side there are a lot of cafes and coffee shops as well as many cool buildings and luxurious villas. 

After that we visited Shinsegae mall, Shinsegae is crowned by Guinness World Records as the World’s Largest Department Store, surpassing the Macy ‘s department store in New York City in 2009. And yaaa … you can get all the branded fashion stuff here, Channel ? Louis Vuitton ? you name it.

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant. So happy that I could finally eat European food, been two months eating Korean food makes me a little bit bored, hehe ^_^

delicious chicken

pizza with honey is the best! my friend and I even ordered another pan XD

fried rice, somehow I miss Indonesian fried rice :(

After finished eating, I went to look around in the mall for window shopping (but ended up doing real shopping). #girlsproblem
The journey continues to visit Busan Aquarium. Little confession, I have never been to Sea World Jakarta, Indonesia :p
But that’s okay, because I've already visited Busan Aquarium, Korea’s largest ocean themed park :p

the frozen giant shark 

Busan Aquarium is located near the beach and it is located under the ground . The interesting part is that there were funny posters resemble to Hollywood movie poster, those posters were deliberately created in celebration of the Busan International Film Festival which was held last October 3rd to 12th . Can you guess what the original movies are they?

After that we went to the beach to play around ^_^

At 6 pm , we had dinner at one of the korean restaurant. After that , we walked about 30 minutes to the Gwangan-ri beach to watch the Busan Fireworks Festival . The streets was really crowded by many citizens who wanted to see this show. After getting admission in Gwangan - Ri beach, the team and I soon get our booked seat which on the front row!!! The show started at 8pm and ended one hour later. Busan Fireworks Festival was very cool, I was totally amazed by the beauty of fireworks which accompanied along with the variety of music.

see the video recording of Busan Fireworks Festival: HERE

The second day in Busan was an amazing experience ! I love Busan ! >_<

Ulsan & Busan trip (Day 1)

DAY 1:
The first day in Ulsan, Wow Korea team and I were gathering in Ulsan station as our assembly point . I met students from various countries in Asia who study in Korea. They come from different cities in South Korea such as Daejoon , Gwangju, Seoul , and other cities.

Ulsan Station

After all the member had gathered, we headed to a restaurant to enjoy our lunch . I ordered 불고기 because I do not eat pork.

I ate this chili, don't jugde by its cover, it's not spicy at all!

After lunch, we went straight to the first destination. We headed to Daewangam Park, from the top of the hill we were able to see little part of Ulsan city as well as the beach and the ocean. The journey exploring Daewangam Park is quite tiring because we had to go up and down the hills, but the scenery we have encountered was so worth to see ^ ^
Quite unfortunate, I couldn’t take many photos because my battery was running out T_T

so windy >_<

The second destination is Hyundai Heavy Industries. In Indonesia, the company mostly known by public as the automobile company, but apparently Hyundai also produces other products, it has shipbuilding, engine and machinery, offshore & engineering, electro electric system, green energy, and construction equipment. In the first session, I entered the Asan Memorial Hall, where we can see the history of how Hyundai company was established through a variety of memorabilia and a short film about Hyundai. The tour continued by exploring the Hyundai company with our bus, unfortunately visitors are prohibited from taking photos while undergoing tour. I was lucky that I saw how big ships were being built. On the right side and left side there were giant machines that I had never seen before. It was extraordinarily sophisticated . This place is so big so we need to ride something in order to have a tour, otherwise you'll be faint after having a tour by walking aloneㅋㅋㅋ

inside the memorial hall

the front part of Hyundai Heavy Industries

Around 4 pm, the journey continued to Oegosan Onggi Village, this place is a village that produces traditional urns and statues of South Korea. There was a a giant earthware pot which was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record as the world’s largest eartware pot. There were many of artworks on display in the museum as well, but mostly are NSFW so I will not upload here : p

sunset from the rooftop of the museum ^_^

hehehe, my foot

The Ulsan tour has been completed, and then we headed to Busan. After doing a quite tiring journey there were a lot of yummy Korean dishes that I couldn’t resist. First day trip is really nice!

the duck inside the pumpkin was the best dish ever!