Monday, November 30, 2015

Tour de Kwandong University (part 3 - end)

This is the last part of Tour de Kwandong University. (Read part 1 and part 2 as well)
Let's just start over...

it might not look hella snowy but I swear it was so cold and you can still spot some snow left on the soccer field yet those students were still practicing.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tour de Kwandong University (part-2)

So I'm gonna continue the post about what's inside KDU, a continuation of this previous post.
So KDU has 6 기숙사 (dorm), 5 of them are male dorms and 1 female dorm.

male dorm

this is a picture I took in the summer-autumn, the right building is female dorm as well as University's hotel, thus the name is Universtel. 
and the left building is male building which already shown in the first pic above. It looks brighter and more alive during autumn, isn't it? during winter the lighting is so bad for taking good picture. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Seoul's Underground Street Style Shop

Seoul is one of the best place to shop fashion stuff.
The photos above are two captures of one of the street style shop in Seoul located in the basement.

Where it is?

Sadly, I question that too.

Although those are my photos (taken secretly and quickly), I forgot the exact location of this store neither I know what the store's name is. All I can remember that this is located somewhere around Hongdae. Which is ridiculous because Hongdae has probably almost a hundred of stores/boutiques.

How did I find out?

When I was strolling and wandering around I spotted a cart full of shirts and acceccories being displayed without any shopkeeper who look after it.

What a genius trick. 

It was very intriguing especially with the faintly heard music which came from the basement.
It was at night, not one of a crowded district in Hongdae. Somehow I was afraid if the basement was some kind of wicked club full of gettho, drug dealers, alcohol and drunk people on the floor and they use that cart as a bait to invite the victim for human trafficking or so (ok I'll stop I watch too much drama). But curiousity killed me. 
I came in eventually.
And then I went down the stairs while holding my breath...and suddenly a bit shocked with the appearance of scary statue and crazy LED that welcome me.
I saw an aisle (the first photo above) where the fashion items were being displayed and I felt like I wanted to jump because of excitement and then I kept walking straight ahead until I found an entrance door to the main store on the left side.

Wow, apparently the store wasn't so quiet as it look from the outside and I felt relieved that it was just a normal apparel store not the club as portrayed in my wild imagination. There were few western customers in the store and one shopkeeper. 
The store probably looks scary for some people, but for street style fan like me, it's definitely a heaven.

The store sells literally everything: bag, hat, beannie, sweatshirt, tee, sneakers, pants, glassess, hair acceccories, smartphone case, ring, you name it.
And yes, I found the dupe of KTZ tee (the price was $40 or so tho) which being worn SO MANY TIMES by SO MANY K-POP STARS. 
Now I regret that I didn't buy anything from there.


Back to the store, because I don't write this post for nothing, does anyone know what is the name of this store pretty pleaseee???

Monday, October 26, 2015


I really love anything that goes with stripes. And yes, in my previous post I wore stripey outfit as well.
Btw, I find it shopping in male section is more fascinating than in female section.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Who is AAA?

Sabtu pagi ini saya terbangun dengan kepala yang berat, mungkin karena kelelahan karena tempo hari saya melakukan banyak aktivitas mobile dalam sehari.
Anyway, karena bosan saya menyalakan tv dan seperti biasanya Waku-Waku Japan masuk dalam channel pilihan. Ketika layar berubah menampilkan WWJ, saya menyaksikan sebuah konser band Jepang dengan penonton yang masiv serta lautan lightstick di sebuah dome besar. Dari judul yang tertera dalam program channel menunjukkan bahwa konser itu adalah konser grup Jepang yang bernama AAA.

Kesan pertama yang membuat saya enggan mengganti channel adalah kekuatan vokal serta lagu mereka, saya bukan penggemar grup/idol Jepang, tapi first impression ketika mendengarkan musik mereka adalah saya langsung jatuh cinta. Lagu-lagu yang mereka bawakan terkadang sedikit mellow, terkadang enerjik dan poppy serta diiringi dengan efek-efek elektronik tapi semuanya sangat easy listening.

AAA (dibaca triple A, bukan jenis baterai, fyi di Korea juga ada boyband dengan nama AA yang dibaca double A, mungkin next ada single A? Kuartet A? whatever) ternyata adalah grup lawas yang sudah berdiri sejak 2005. Oke disini saya bertanya kepada diri sendiri: where in the world have you been all your life, Mariska??? Padahal AAA baru menggelar konsernya di Jakarta april lalu. Tapi ya sudahlah saya kan memang tidak update dengan industri musik Jepang. Kembali lagi ke AAA, mereka adalah co-ed grup yang beranggotakan 5 laki-laki dan 2 perempuan di bawah label Avex Trax yang setau saya sama besarnya dengan Johnny's Entertainment. Ternyata Avex Trax menjalin kerjasama dengan SM Entertainment sehingga artis-artis kpop yang debut di Jepang juga berada di bawah label Avex Trax seperti BOA dan TVXQ.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Museum Hopping

top: ZARA
trouser: Accent

I'm so glad that we have national museum in Jakarta which has good maintenance and regular exhibition. The white-black photo was an artwork display made of needles to create the portrait of powerful people. 
Mr. Pram is my fave.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Tiny Little Pony

A sudden spending at PopCon Asia 2015 I attended some weeks ago,
Ugh, I just can't resist not to buy My Little Pony. Wish I could collect huge version of them, one day.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kemiskinan di Sekitar Kita dan Balita yang Tak Bersalah

Sore itu nampak seperti sore yang seperti biasanya. Bus Trans Semarang berwarna merah melaju menghampiri shelter tempat saya menunggu. Setelah masuk dan mendapatkan tempat duduk saya merebahkan diri karena lelah. Terkadang saya bepergian menggunakan Trans Semarang, kebetulan sore itu adalah perjalanan pulang dari kampus ke rumah.

Bus nampak tak padat. Kursi di seberang tempat saya duduk ditempati oleh 3 wanita, dua di antaranya mbak-mbak berusia sekitar 20-an dan 30-an dan satu ibu-ibu berusia lebih dari 40 tahun. Mereka semua berpakaian serupa, maaf, kaos dan celana pendek yang terlihat kumal. Mereka mengenakan sandal jepit dan memiliki rambut yang awut-awutan kasar karena sering terpapar sinar matahari. Dua wanita termuda masing-masing memangku balita laki-laki yang kira-kira usianya tak lebih dari 3 tahun. Tak jauh dari penampilan wanita-wanita itu, kedua balita tersebut juga memakai pakaian yang sangat lusuh dan tak terawat.  

Bukan, bukan soal penampilan yang saya ingin bahas. Adalah kejadian selanjutnya yang ingin saya ceritakan disini, kejadian yang membuat hati saya bergejolak prihatin.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Speaker Toilet Paper Roll

Bermula dari santai-santai cantik sambil scrolling timeline twitter, saya menemukan sebuah postingan dari salah satu akun twitter yang saya follow. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tour de Kwandong University (part-1)

Hello. Good Evening.
I was checking my drafts and found these photos I took during my study in Kwandong University (now it's known as Catholic Kwandong Univ). These photos were taken in the late December when the snow had already melted, it was snowing again until March the next year tho.
I must say thanks to my parents who were my no.1 financial supporter, Undip, and Korean Gov Scholarship for the opportunity to live my life as a foreign student.
So in order to appreciate that moment, let me put myself to the time machine and narate these photos one by one.
The post will be divided into three chapters as each post will expose different area of this university.
shall we begin...

main building during autumn

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Balada Mata Kuliah Ilmu Ekonomi

Apakah di antara kalian pernah  merasa ada satu mata kuliah yang susahnya minta ampun, yang tiap mengikuti perkuliahannya bikin deg-deg serr?

aka Kratingdaeng kalo di Indonesia, saya beli ini sebagai persediaan suplemen agar kuat belajar saat di Korea

Monday, January 12, 2015

Seoul Building

I like buildings. Probably because it's a rare view considering that I don't live in metropolitan city. I don't know how the 'air pollution index' in Seoul is, but when I went there I still could breathe the fresh air despite the fact that the city is very crowded. These are the photos I took while