Sunday, June 4, 2017

Love Yourself

Sometimes we make mistakes,
sometimes we get so lazy to do our task,
sometimes we take for granted all the blessing come into our life,
and other action or decision that will lead to regret later.
So I just found the key to avoid ourselves from having regret over the decision we made.
it's simply by loving ourselves.

Now how we mostly define love is reflected with how we want to give the best, be it for parents, family, significant other, pet, or anything. 
You want to keep them happy, satisfied, having the best, all the efforts made come down to one purpose: to bring joy over their life.
This does apply to nonliving things as well, we might have some favorite toys, stuff, anything. All we do to keep our belonging we love the most is to treat it pleasantly.

However, we might forget to love ourselves first.

This is the key I've been missing out during my whole life, until this thought stroke my mind during my contemplation not long ago.

Basically, anything we do for our life should be based on the amount of love we give to ourselves.
We can apply it from the small step on a daily issue before we move towards something bigger; life vision for instance.

Try to connect and relate anything with the love to ourselves when we take an action.
I'd start from the simplest thing; 

  • if you love yourself and you want to have a good life span you ain't gonna eat recklessly. Perhaps you have eaten McD's burger, fries, and chicken two days ago and now you are craving for it because the salty fries, the crunchy chicken, and the delicious patty make your mouth watering, but then you think about the consequence in the future how unhealthy those junk for your body so you turn your direction into another resto which offers healthier menu, that's how to love yourself.
  • If you love yourself you'd do your best for your job because you don't want to make all the blood, sweat and tears you went through during the process go in vain. You might be so lazy or demotivated but you realize if you don't perform well it might harm your career because when the company sees no passion in their employee they don't bother to consider promotion not to mention hold your position. Instead of being lazy, you start to look for a better opportunity or just giving the best, that’s how to love yourself.
  • If you love yourself, you ain't gonna surround yourself with the people whom you know that they are wrong since the beginning besides bring no merit because you know yourself is much more valuable. We are becoming who we are because the amount of time and quality we spend with the surrounding and when you know your surrounding give no value for your present and future life even at some point might jeopardize your life you decide to lessen your time around he/she/them, that's how to love yourself.

Loving ourselves first drives us to think about the future two or three steps forward during the decision making process.

This is not loving ourselves in terms of narcissistic way nor being self-centered, it's about acknowledging that our existence means something and we deserve to get the best from ourselves.

We don't have to master everything, we just have to know what's not good and what might be harm to our future and having the determination to avoid that.

Medan, June 4th 2017.

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